What families are saying:

“Con Mi Familia has been a huge blessing to my aspiring bilingual family. Naomi's passion for Spanish and early education is so apparent and she has a beautiful and authentic approach. The value in this course is incredible as there are so many resources from read aloud videos, to activities, flashcards, song lists and so much more. My 4 and 2 year olds have most enjoyed the engaging craft components of the course, and this has been the biggest mom win for me since I'm not typically creative! We have enjoyed hours of activities which blend play and vocabulary acquisition perfectly. I'm so impressed with this course! ”

Corrie @mamallamalinguist

“Con mi Familia has been a great addition to our family. The last six weeks our child has expanded her vocabulary and engaged in mindful activities all while being introduced to Spanish. Con mi Familia has given our family the opportunity to learn something new as well, I thought I’d be teaching my little one, and I’ve learned so much myself. Naomi is a gift, with prepared and organized lessons, video tutorials, sing-a-longs, and video conferencing, there is something for everyone. Thankful for Con mi Familia and even more so for Naomi. This series has been a welcomed immersion for us and I’m already looking forward to the next series. If you are ready to open your child’s eyes to something new, innovative, and fun, reach out to Naomi today and start your journey with Con Mi Familia! ”


“Naomi is amazing and her course has been perfect for introducing Spanish to my 7 month old. I love the format of the course — there are so many different ways to learn and teach Spanish to my child (books, audio, print outs), and the weekly lessons are so helpful.”


“Our family has really enjoyed this series. The songs and stories have been what my kid has been attracted to the most so far. My 2 yr old daughter will watch Naomi's story videos over and over and has asked to talk to Naomi on Zoom because she enjoys her so much. She picks up on the songs fast which is fun for us.We are learning at the same time as our daughter, and Naomi is very encouraging, motivating and non-intimidating as she approaches her lessons in a one on one fashion. Very stress free. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to give their children an opportunity to connect to the world around them with an expanded heart and mind!”

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About Me

I have spent the last decade dedicated to Spanish education and hands-on learning and have been fortunate enough to teach Spanish at almost every level, from preschool and kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. Once my own children were born in 2017 (twins!), I longed for slower days at home with my own kiddos and more time to cherish their fleeting childhood. I said goodbye to formal education in a four-walled classroom and created Niños & Nature to help empower families to learn Spanish while exploring the natural world around them. My online course, Con mi Familia, is all about helping families learn Spanish together without the extra screen time. I love finding ways to encourage you to practice Spanish at home through nature play, hands-on activities, singing, and stories, and am always dreaming up new projects and crafts to make with my littles. Every experience in my life so far has prepared me for this journey and I am incredibly grateful to have the chance to learn alongside and teach you.